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Many clients find Marie Star Health Services when looking for help with senior members of their families. We work with many families that cannot provide their elderly family members with the extra care they need. Elder Care fills the gap between what seniors can do and what they need help with to remain in their homes. Many seniors are not at a point where they need to move to an assisted living facility. Staying in their homes with extra care is a cost-friendly alternative.

At Marie Star Health Services, we work with many families to help them find the right Elder Care services they require. Our Elder Care assistance is designed to connect a senior with the right caregiver. We want our families to be happy with their service in assisting with daily tasks and providing companionship.

Benefits of Marie Star Health Services ElderCare

We ask that families give us as much information during the consultation to match them with the right caregiver. The information can include any physical and cognitive disabilities, what type of tasks the family would like done, and the type of caregiver the patient would feel comfortable with. This information will help create the most comfortable partnership and rewarding companionship.

Here are some of the benefits of Marie Star Health Services Elder Care:

  • Reports of house safety, cleanliness, and hygiene
  • Nutrition and medicine supervision
  • Mental stimulation
  • Companionship

And, of course, nothing compares to the peace of mind the family of a patient gets from hearing reports on their loved one’s condition. Many of these tasks would put considerable stress on family members with time spent cleaning, cooking, bathing, feeding, and more.

nurse assisting senior with breakfastAvoid Moving to a Facility with ElderCare

At Marie Star Health Services, we know there comes a time when a family must consider moving a loved one into a facility. Independent living can become challenging and almost dangerous at times. We have families that tell us they are worried about their loved ones preparing food, taking their medication, using appliances, bathing, and more. We’ll go over these concerns during a consultation to ensure your service covers everything you need it to.

Elder Care may be a long-term solution or a short-term solution while your family looks for the appropriate housing for the next step of your loved one’s journey. We invite you to contact us to discuss what we can provide for you and your loved one. Some of our families find they can get by with visits a few times a week, where others may need more frequent care. Each case is personalized, and we look forward to meeting with you.



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